Re: [pc110] Has anybody tried the IBM Microdrive on the PC110

Oscar M. Siguenza (osiguenz nospam at
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:18:55 -0700


I did get the drive to work on the PCMCIA slot with the 2.0.30
version of the kernel. It looks like the PC110 bios was the
culprit for the errors. If the drive is plugged into the PCMCIA
slot while powering it up, the bios makes the drive look like
a normal non-PCMCIA drive. It looks like this confuses the
kernel causing problems with the APM code (my guess) so the drive
never gets properly reset.

If I power up the machine with a 48MB CFlash card and later
plug in the drive in the PCMCIA slot the APM+PCMCIA services work
as usual.

So at this point I am happy that I have the extra room to put all
the fun stuff on (gcc, kernel, X11, xemacs 20.4, kde, etc. :) ).
I also was able to generate a swap file to use for enhancing the
low 20MB memory (can't believe this seems like low memory to me

The performance with the new drive seems to be faster than before
so I can say I am reasonably happy. Now all I need is the
wireless cards to drop a little more in value and get them
faster :) .

Oscar S.

jg wrote:
> The IBM Micro Dirve should work in your regular PCMCIA slots.
> It will not function in the CF slot, nor will any of those newer CF
> Ethernet/modem cards.
> You may wanna try a newer LINUX kernel.
> I sold off my PC110 before the drive was available, the money it costs to
> make the PC110 useful
> totally outweighed the benefits.
> I went thru 2 PC110's & finally gave up, I had every single accesory &
> add-on for mine, but they are so fragile & limited I finally gave in & just
> bought a
> Japanese sub-notebook (Thinkpad 535).
> The PC110 truly is a marvel in miniature computing but it's usefulness is
> damped by it's slightly antiquated architecture.
> But I may just buy a nother one "for the hell of it" down the line.
> At 08:25 AM 8/10/99 -0700, Oscar M. Siguenza wrote:
> >Hi Everyone,
> >
> >Has anyone tried to use the IBM Microdrive on the PC110? I just
> >got one this weekend. If you are planning to buy one be aware that
> >the drive does not fit on the CFlash slot of the PC110, it is too
> >thick (the drive is the same thickness as a PCMCIA Type II slot and
> >the PC110 only has a Type I thick CFlash slot).
> >
> >In any case I got it to fit in one on the PCMCIA slots after I
> >modified a CFlash to PCMCIA adapter. A normal adapter only accomodates
> >a Type I thick card.
> >
> >I have tried installing slackaware 4.0 and 3.4 as well as use my old
> >kernel on it. Everytime things look alright but when the PC110 goes
> >to sleep and comes back up it seems that the drive does not get reset
> >correctly. I get a lot of errors with the drive missing "interrupts"
> >or:
> >
> >hdc: drive_cmd: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
> >hdc: drive_cmd: error=0x04 { DriveStatus Error }
> >
> >Has anyone look into the PCMCIA services to see what the problem
> >might be? I remember having this kind of problems with a simple
> >technology CFlash card, so I think it is a recurring error.
> >
> >I am running PCMCIA services 2.9.9 on kernel 2.0.30, if anybody
> >has any useful information on this I would like to hear it. Otherwise
> >my $400+ investment to make the PC110 more useful may go down the
> >tubes (or I will have to figure out how to hack it, considering the
> >time I got the machine may well be too obsolete by the time I
> >finish :( ). I guess worse case I will have to buy a camera that
> >can use this drive :( .
> >
> >Oscar S.
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