Re: [pc110] Has anybody tried the IBM Microdrive on the PC110

jg (jg nospam at
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 22:09:50 -0700

Well I don't have a PC110 right now to play with...
I am glad too as the temptation to spend money is too great for me...
" see what I can make work with my PC110 "....
almost every weekend in Silicon valley, it can be devastating to a pocket book.

Anyhow, back to storage - I think the Calluna Type II is a viable storage
option at 260MB.
That along with the new Type II wireless IP modems is really tempting...
The Atom drive is a hefty 1GB but at $700, I'd pass...

For now I am happy with my 535 & Palm V.

I miss my 110 's "coolness", but I manage with the 535 (98+LINUX+VMware=
cool)... I may eventually get a 235/235-20
when I can find one (Dynamism doesn't have'em anymore)...

Linux New Bee wrote:

> > The IBM Micro Dirve should work in your regular PCMCIA slots.
> Right. But that half negates its usefulness.
> > It will not function in the CF slot, nor will any of those newer CF
> > Ethernet/modem cards.
> I found that one of the 86 MB CF flash cards - about 33.000 yen when I
> bought it, less now that the 9?? MB are out - is good enough for most
> purposes. (I now have win95 on one, and in spite of the delay introduced by
> the compression it is as fast, if not faster, than the PCMCIA HD.)
> > Japanese sub-notebook (Thinkpad 535).
> A bit bigger than _I_ want, but a great machine. I went for a Z/560, as it
> can use the 110 floppy and it's one of the lightest full size laptops - too
> bad about the 800X600 screen.