Re: [pc110] pc110 pcmcia hard drives

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 06:02:39 -0700

As of last week, MicroWarehouse in San Jose only had the 260 and 340MB
PCMCIA hard disks in stock. I've heard of 540MB units, but have not seen
one and they are apparently not readily available on the open market.

You will want to buy a 20MB system with a docking station. The drive is
exchangeable, don't worry about that.


At 06:56 PM 9/30/98 +0900, pat cavanagh wrote:
>hi there!
>i am interested in buying a pc110 to run linux on. it seems that the
>ydw model comes with a 260 megabyte hard drive and the ydt
>model comes with a 340 megabyte hard drive. is it possible to
>get bigger hard drives than this? i'm greedy.
>does anybody have any 20/20 hindsight suggestions about what
>sort of system they wish they had of bought, so that i can buy
>a really good one?