[pc110] LIL- problem

INOUE Katsumi (kinoue nospam at jp.oracle.com)
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 19:28:21 +0900


I have 2 PC110. One with broken LCD always sits on my desk at office and
the other is for reading mail in commuting train. I use the same TypeIII
harddisk for both machines and LILO boot from internal flash(/dev/hda) on
both. Kernel is in TypeIII(/dev/hdc).

The problem is that sometimes I get LIL- after moving my HDD
to another machine.

LILO doc says,
LIL- The descriptor table is corrupt. This can either be caused by a
geometry mismatch or by moving /boot/map without running the map

Frankly, I can't understand what this doc says. Why do I get LIL- error
only SOMETIMES, not always ??

INOUE Katsumi