Re: [pc110] Stupid X problems.

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 14:21:39 -0400 (EDT)

Make sure you have it set for 512K video RAM. This is a non-standard
amount for this chip (I think it was a C&T 65530 or something like that.)

Also, the Fn-F7 is AFTER the windows are up.


Hi All,

I know this is a faq, but I've read the faq and what the archives
say should work still isn't working. This almost certainly means that I'm
missing something.

Using the XF86Config file from the web site, and the debian hamm
distribution's version of Xfree 3.3 SVGA server, I'm able to start X.
However, the screen doesn't sync up when I try the Fn+F7 trick. I've
still got snowy lines through everything. The VGA_16 server does work.

When I download the binary and config from
I end up with the same problem: bad sync.

I've updated the bios using the bios version from's download
page, but that didn't help.

What else should I be trying?