Re: [pc110] LILO probs on PCMCIA HDD.

Eric Fixler (fix nospam at
Wed, 20 May 1998 10:15:40 -0700 (PDT)

The only way I found to get around this problem was to make hda a linux
drive and make it the boot drive, OR, boot Linux off a floppy.

If you make hda the Linux booter, you can still use LILO to boot other
OS'es but I'm not doing that. Too complicated.

Best of luck

>Well, I finally got a new PC110 to replace my semi - messed-up one.
>Going thru all the shenanagans of installing DOS,WIN95 & LINUX again.
>I got WIN95 & DOS in ok.... Got to LINUX & after a succesful install it
>fails upon reboot with LILO.
>Here is the scenario:
>I am using the 4MB ROM for a tiny version of DOS.
>The 260 MB HDD is partioned 3 ways to hold 200MB of WIN95/DOS & 50Mb of
>LINUX (5Mb Swap & 45 MB FS).
>I am using System Commander on the PCMCIA HDD as a boot menu between the 2.
>My BIOS boot up sequence is as follows: FLOPPY, PCMCIA, HDD1.
>I can boot into WIN 95 & DOS fine, if I remove the PCMCIA HDD, I can boot
>up with the mini-DOS on ROM.
>But after installing RH 4.2 LINUX & placing LILO on the boot partition
>(first sector-hdc3). "LINUX" shows up on the Sytem Commander menu, but
>when I select it LILO starts then goes into a error screen of L
>0404040404040404040404040404 etc.....
>So I cannot boot into LILO/LINUX from the PCMCIA HDD.
>Now under LINUX it sees the drives as follows:
>4MB ROM = dev hda
>260MB WIN95= dev hdc1
>260MB 5MB SWAP = dev hdc2 (type =82)
>260MB 45MB FileSystem = dev hdc3 (type = 83)
>when I get to the LILO installation portion of the install I only have
>options to install it to:
>-hda "MBR"
>-hdc3 "First Sector of Boot Partition
>/dev/fd0 "Floppy"
>I read on a www page that LILO likes to go on hda, well it is on hdc3,
>what the heck is the problem? It seems like it should work...
>Hmmmmmmm..... Any help out there?
>I would like to be able to remove the PCMCIA HDD & swap it between units
>to run both LINUX & WIN95/DOS.
> I am kinda stuck.
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