Re: [pc110] Large flash cards on the PC110?

Fred L. Templin (templin nospam at
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 15:13:14 -0800


> While I haven't tried ATA flash in the regular PCMCIA sockets, booting
> off 15MB ATA compact flash works fine. I would not expect any problem
> with ATA flash in the PCMCIA sockets.
> Vaughan Pratt

Thanks - I also boot off a 15MB ATA card in the CompactFlash slot. But, when
I slipped the CF card into the CF-to-PC-CARD converter I have and slid the
combo into a PC-CARD slot my FreeBSD kernel was unhappy and panic'd upon
reboot. I am strongly suspicious that this is just a FreeBSD kernel
configuration issue, but I wanted to check with the group to see if there
were some sort of obscure hardware issue before investing $1000 of the
company's money in a "big" flash card!

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