[pc110] Re: [PC110] Clock WAY slow

Thomas Harding (tharding nospam at sover.net)
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 16:12:21 -0500

Maybe the battery you bought was dead oe weak. I once bought a dead watch
battery. Sometimes they have a tester right at the store, the package
sometimes has small holes in it so they can test tem without opening it up.
I would have the battery you bought tested just to be sure....

At 11:10 AM 3/8/98 -0800, Mark Willis wrote:
>Well, I'm doing well here (Mailed this to the wrong mailing list.
>Ack.) Further research: Seems like the internal clock STOPS (totally or
>almost totally) when I suspend my PC110. Maybe it's getting cold at
>night & on a temperature strike? <G>
>Mark Willis wrote:
>> Hi - one thing I've noticed is that my PC110's clock is sometimes WAY
>> slow; I used it last night until 10:45pm or so & this afternoon at 2:15
>> or so it still apparently thought it's 7 am or so - I need to do more
>> figuring on when exactly it's clock is slow or stopped, but does anyone
>> know about this sort of problem? (I think it's maybe slow when
>> suspended?)
>> I've replaced the coin cell (just to make sure it's NEW & not causing
>> this or the "plug in the RS AC Adapter, and the PC110 turns off" problem
>> I've experienced.) A week ago or so, so THAT isn't causing the problem.
>> I run it a lot off the Radio Shack AC adapter when at work (on a long
>> extension cord, I can keep the cord out of the road & reach most
>> everywhere I use it <G> Though this IS happening on the sick, original
>> IBM battery, maybe that battery though "fully charged" at 70% isn't
>> running the clock properly? I can pull the AC adapter & it keeps
>> running on the old battery, though...)
>> It's an 8Mb model, I don't think the BIOS is updated yet (can do that
>> if it'd make a difference?) - is this a known problem?
>> Not NEAR as bad a problem as Josh is happening, but kinda annoying.
>> Mark Willis
>> mwillis nospam at nwlink.com


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