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Fri, 6 Mar 1998 10:45:50 +0900

INOUE Katsumi <kinoue nospam at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I think I have seen both 04040404 and 01010101 error message when I tried
> to install LILO in my PCMCIA HDD. That was 1.5 years
> ago and I didn't investigate too much. I suggest you read LILO manual because
> these error code are documented.

Well, I did it. It says something like LILO can't find booter
where it expects it... right? And where does it expect it?

I didn't find answer to this question and finally gave up and have to
use loadlin and therefore to waste some space for DOS 8-(

> The LILO problem is gone when I installed LILO on 4MB internal RAM.

Can you describe how did you do it? Where exactly LILo installed on
your PC: /dev/hda or /dev/hda1? your lilo.conf??? (onegai shimasu)

> So my current configuration is:
> /dev/hda: LILO internal 4MB RAM
> /dev/hda1: DOS
> /dev/hdc: PCMCIA HDD
> /dev/hdc1: Linux swap
> /dev/hdc2: Linux root
> And no change in BIOS boot sequence.

... and what you mean by "no change" What's first and what's second etc.

> Anyway, I'm thinking about reinstalling. So I want to know whether it is
> possible to use internal RAM as swap partition.

I guess you really mean "flash disk" as swap partition. Yes it's
possible and I used it like that. But later I read somewhere that
flash disks have limited number of writes and it's not recommended to
use them for things which write often (i.e. swap) -- in time you can
just loose your internal disk.

So far I didn't find any better use for internal 4M flash then to have
DOS with games and loadlin on it. Is it possible to fit root partition
into 4M?

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