[pc110] PCMCIA cards with PC110

Dmytro Kovalev (dk nospam at Babylon.nps.venture-web.or.jp)
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 10:10:56 +0900

> So when I do not have my PCMCIA drive in, in theory, I shoud be able
> to boot into my 4MB ROM & use the JDOS via System
> Commander....Leaving me 2 open Slots for a Serial I/O Comm Port card
> & a whatever....

To use some PCMCIA card together with PCMCIA disk I have to use
PCMCIA extender (such thing which you plug into slot and then plug
disk into it -- disk is then outside of the PC case). My problem is
that when I plug disk directly into PC it sits in the lower slot, but
with extender it is in the upper one.

But once booted from lower PCMCIA slot linux doesn't recognize it in
the upper slot. It gives me timeout error and finally I have switch it
off. So, I can not do swaping disk with other cards. And each time I
want to use some card I have to reboot with disk inserted into the

Anybody has any ideas how to do it?

	Dmytro Kovalev