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Thu, 5 Mar 1998 14:27:44 +0900


I think I have seen both 04040404 and 01010101 error message when I tried
to install LILO in my PCMCIA HDD. That was 1.5 years
ago and I didn't investigate too much. I suggest you read LILO manual because
these error code are documented.

The LILO problem is gone when I installed LILO on 4MB internal RAM.
So my current configuration is:
/dev/hda: LILO internal 4MB RAM
/dev/hda1: DOS
/dev/hdc: PCMCIA HDD
/dev/hdc1: Linux swap
/dev/hdc2: Linux root

And no change in BIOS boot sequence.

Anyway, I'm thinking about reinstalling. So I want to know whether it is
possible to use internal RAM as swap partition.

Also, this is a generic linux question. (Sorry for posting this)
Can I use Slackware2.0 boot disk for installing Slackware 3.4 over NFS?
In my understanding, boot disks are for creating small linux system in RAM
so boot disk version doesn't matter unless install procedure changed much.

Katsumi INOUE

> Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 13:26:40 -0800
> From: Eric Fixler <fix nospam at>
> Well, if it makes you feel any better, that's the exact same thing that
> mine does, except it prints 04040404, etc...
> I'd love to solve it too -- it the meantime, you can boot to Linux by
> making a boot kernel disk in the setup program (it helps if you did your
> installation using the net.i kernel so that you'll have support for your
> enet device) and booting from it when you want to boot to Linux.
> >Still trying to get LINUX to run on my PC110 with minimal Space...
> >Now my problem is System commander wont boot LINUX..
> >
> >I am doing just a base LINUX linux install from my BackPack Parallel Port
> >CD-ROM...
> >It installs fine, using only 29MB of my 100available & I only give a 5MB
> >Swap Partition (stupid?) since I have a 20MB PC110...
> >I have just the JDOS that comes with the pC110 installed on the 4MB
> >ROM...(hda1).
> >On the Type III 260MB HDD I have win95/DOS on the 1st 148MB
> >partition...(hdc1).
> >So my Swap file is hdc2, and my Filesystem is on hdc3...
> >
> >I have tried installing LILO to the MBR & it doesnt work, it puts it on
> >hda1 & when I boot up without my PC TYPE III drive in, it gives me a bunch
> >of scrolling 010101010101010101's.... No good, plus that is not how I
> >wanted it...
> >Like on my laptop it works fine, but I think with all these drives it is
> >throwing LILO or System Commader off somehow...
> >If I put LILO on First Partion of System (hdc3) it does the same crap ,
> >01010101010101's across the screen at boot up & System Commander doesnt
> >see it for some reason unless I force it a bootable option....
> >And of course if I skip LILo altogether it just doesn;t work at all...