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Tue, 3 Mar 1998 20:37:50 -0800

Well, I have Linux running on my PC110, but it's glitchy; I have to boot
from floppy and it doesn't recognize the compact flash card. Still, for
what it is, it works great.

100 MB would be fine, if a bit tight, for a simple system, but I'm not sure
about X Window. (I'm not running it). Remember that you need a swap
partition, which is generally supposed to be at least as big as your RAM.

Right now I'm using 128 mb on a system that has GNU c compilers, Apache,
Perl, the Hylafax fax server, and about 5mb of WWW stuff (it's my staging
area for projects), along with a 24Mb swap partition.

I'd be careful about assuming that you won't want to do too much with it,
because once it works, you just might want to do more.

Some other installation tidbits: I installed Slackware. Copied the base
dist floppies to the DOS partition and installed them to the linux
partition from there. I use a DLink DE620 Parallel ethernet adaptor, which
is supported in the kernel, and it works great, but you must set your
parallel port to be LPT2 and disable COM2 (you may be able to get around
the latter). I'm not sure about your unit, but I think that many of these
pocket e-net adapters are OEM versions of the sam ething.

Best o' luck...


>I have redone my PC110 config...
>I have setup on my 4MB Falsh ROM PCDOS 6.3 & a couple comm utilities I
>need just for DOS & my Serial I/O card.
>I have a 20Mb RAM unit.
>I have also the 260MB HDD PC TYPE III drive.
>I have split it up between LINUX & WIN95...
>On the 1st 148 MB I have WIN 95/DOS. - Works fine...
>On the remaining space on the drive (100MB) I want to install a Plain Jane
>LINUX system w/ X-windows....
>1st question, can this be done on a 100 MB drive?
>2nd, How big should I make my Swap Space?
>3rd, what modules should I install for just basic LINUX & if at all
>possible X-WIndows?
>I just need a small LINUX system that will allow me do basic UNIX comads
>(for learning) & so I can install a AlphaNumeric paging program that I am
>hoping will work with the nternal modem....
>I have REDHAT 4.2.
>If i can get X-Windows going & get it networked with my Xircom PE3
>Parallel Adapter (Ethernet), I will be in heaven...
>Any help is greatly appreciated....
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