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"[pc110] Svgalib on PC-110"
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> Has anyone used programs compiled with libsvga on the PC-110?
> I'm able to get 320x200x256, but would really like to be able to
> get 640x480x256. Does anyone have a working libvga.config or
> any suggestions?
> I'm not an expert on the libvga.config options, but I've tried to
> make reasonable choices.

Problem is function ctCalcClock in svgalib-1.2.13/src/chips.c

try rearrange

static void ctCalcClock(unsigned char* vclk,unsigned int Clock)
vclk[VCLK(0)] = 5;
vclk[VCLK(1)] = 14;
vclk[VCLK(2)] = 13;

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