[pc110] Svgalib on PC-110

Byrom (byrom nospam at colquitt.org)
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 15:47:34 -0600 (CST)

Has anyone used programs compiled with libsvga on the PC-110?

I'm able to get 320x200x256, but would really like to be able to
get 640x480x256. Does anyone have a working libvga.config or
any suggestions?

I'm not an expert on the libvga.config options, but I've tried to
make reasonable choices.

Mine has these relevent lines (partly taken from robin nospam at acm.org's
XF86Config file):

HorizSync 31.5 48.3
VertRefresh 46 60

modeline "640x480" 25 640 664 760 816 480 491 493 525

Thanks for any help or ideas,