[pc110] devices with pc110

jason c. patterson (patters nospam at vistech.net)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 13:02:04 -0500

i was wondering (lately) what devices people have been using with their

first, does anyone know if the new sharp pcmcia digital camera (somewhat
like the CE300) is available to buy separately? (the japanese version:

has anyone tried the parallel-scsi adapters (most notably trantor 348)?
.. i cant seem to get it to work with my scanner (possibly something w/
ASPI and the 110?)

also, the new line of compactflash items is going to be exciting.. such
as the 56k modem out soon from pretec:
http://www.pretec.com/products/cpmodem56.html, and it looks like they
have other products for that slot out soon.. i hope the 110 is compliant
with those devices..

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