Re: [pc110] Any news on 33.6 modem upgrade?

jason c. patterson (patters nospam at
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:55:53 -0500

i got this information from t-zone a while back:

> Hello,
> We do have a small quantity available for JPY 24,800 but installation
> requires pulling the computer completely appart and the size of the
> motherboard and inaccessibility of contacts make it very difficult to
> re-connect all the wires back to the motherboard later. Besides, our staff,
> who know very well what they are doing, have broken two boxes in the
> process - the external "body" of the computer, because it is really hard to
> get it off the computer, and there is one spot where it holds together with
> merely 1 mm wide piece of paper thin metal. We now have all the
> installations done by the company that designed the modem for us and we
> strongly recommend that customers don't do it themselves. If you like to
> buy the modem anyway, I can sell it to you, but I want to make sure that
> you understand the risk involved, and that you understand that we can not
> guarantee that you will be able to install the modem and we can not take it
> back if you fail or refund you if you damage your computer in the process.
> It runs under Windows 95 as standard modem and comes without a driver.

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