[pc110] Internal/external modem

Dmytro Kovalev (dk nospam at nps.venture-web.or.jp)
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 09:39:32 +0900


Anybody can help with modems on PC110?

When I'm, trying to use internal PC110 modem with minicom under Linux I have
the following:


i.e. when I'm trying to dial _any_ number I just can hear some noise coming
from internal speaker and after 2-3 secs the +FVOICE answer comes back from a

I checked BIOS settings for internal modem and it corresponds to the device
I'm using for dialing (well I forgot now what it was ttyS0 or ttyS1 ;-( )

Also I tried to set the BIOS for external modem. But when I open the serial
setup window in BIOS I can see that one port is hooked up to the infra red
port and another to the internal modem. All other options are disabled and I
had no success in clicking on them (BTW I did connect PC to the docking
station tight -- before I had problem that floppy was not recognized when PC
was sitting on a docking station not tight enough ).

Any help appreciated

	Dmytro Kovalev
	mailto://Dmytro nospam at nps.venture-web.or.jp