Re: [pc110] SHUTDOWN POWER COMMAND(s) for PC110

SAKAMOTO Yoshinori (sakamoto nospam at
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 10:49:16

Hello there.

This is Yoshinori SAKAMOTO, writing from Japan.

> No, the original Win95 will shut the power off in a computer, if the bios
> is new enough. When I upgraded my CPU and MB, my original win95 started
> powering down the system when it was shut down.

You are right.

I dont' know if this is common knowledge but there are
some hidden PS2 commands.
One of them will enable Automatic shutdown under Win95 :->

I guess this command is over writing part of BIOS so that
Win 95 see PC110 having BIOS Ver.2.x ( I am not sure about
this ...)

OK the command is :

PS2 _ nospam at CMOS 0F9H=011H

after doing this you should enable
"APM 1.0 mode ON" in the device manager,
otherwise you wouldn't be able to use
battry meter.

I haven't had any problem yet. but if you
wanna try, try at your own risk.

bye 4 now...