[pc110] Config Files for PC110 Boot-Up & *.DCT Files...

jg (jg nospam at izap.com)
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 16:20:31 +0000

can some one tell me what the *.DCT files are used for.... I moved them
off of my ROM drive because they were taking up needed room & I removed
the references to them from the config.sys, haven't noticed any changes,
evrything works without them...
Also, in order to make room on my ROM drive, what files, drivers &
folders ARE needed to make the system fucntion correctly.... Last time I
experimented I went overboard & had to reinstall from scratch so some
advice from a Vet is appreciated...
I would like make as much room as possible on the ROM drive, only want
to keep PCDOS7/J & PersonnaWare + a few DOS Apps.


jg nospam at izap.com