Re: [pc110] PCS phone hands free to rj-11 hack.

josh (jg nospam at
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 23:15:25 -0500

What area are you talking about? Where are you located?
Your phone should have an available adapetr cable for use with RJ11 devices
otherwise, you need a special device in between (i.e., PCMCIA w/ Cell
I understand the Q-Phone is capable of data with only a simple cable
between it & your serial port, not sure.
If you want to connect your device to a Modems RJ11, remember that the PC
is gonna want a dial tone.... Much like the analog phones there are kits
avaialble for RJ11 connections with them, but the data performance was
horrible. I couldn't get a reliable connectino with a older 3 watt bag
phone (stationary) at 9600 baud, error correction for cellular data is
totally different and I am unsure of the protocol used with PCS data.

I would continue to ask around , someone has the definitive answer....

jg nospam at

At 06:55 PM 12/15/97 -0600, you wrote:
>This is only peripherally related to the PC110, but a recent thread
>reminded me of it, and I thought I might find some sympathizers among you:
>I wait and I wait for PCS data to open up in my area only to find that my
>carrier, who generously offers me 1000 anytime minutes for $50/month is
>going to charge 18-26 cents per minute for datatime regardless of voice
>In short:
>I want to tap into my hands free (speaker/mic) on my ericsson and connect
>it directly to the rj-11 on the back of my pc110 for mobile data. I have
>tried an acoustic coupler, but it won't fit the phone properly, and I have
>tried some wiring combinations, but can't help but think that I am missing
>some essential electronics between the two jacks.
>Do you know what I am missing?