[pc110] How big of a Flash card can you interface with the PC110?

Fred L. Templin (templin nospam at erg.sri.com)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:54:53 -0700

I was inspired to post this question based on Jerod T.'s inquriy about flash
prices. (Bummer about dropping yours, Jerod; sorry I can't help.) I'm wondering
what the largest available flash card is that can be interfaced from the PC110's
CF slot? (I understand larger cards are available for the PCMCIA slots, but both
of mine are filled with other I/O options.)

Anyway, I currently have a 15MB SanDisk CF card and the last I checked the largest
available for the CF format was somewhere in the low 20+MB range. But, is there
any way to interface to higher-capacity flash media from the CF slot and, if so,
what is the largest capacity currently available?


templin nospam at erg.sri.com