[pc110] dropped it -- broken latch

Jerod E. Tufte (jet nospam at mgurus.com)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 19:44:58 -0400

doh! As if I am going to send it to japan for service... anyone taken theirs
apart? two slivers of black plastic fell out, but the gist is that the hook
on the lid bent a bit and now the slider doesn't visibly move anything in that
little gap. I have to manually pull up the suspend trigger lever in there to
bring it around. does anyone live in the chicago area? I'd like to have a look
at one that isn't broken to see what is supposed to move. I'll probably try to
take it apart this weekend... :( at least the display didn't break. I have
started to carry it in the padded pouch I bought instead of my backpack again.

if anyone finds great prices on cflash, please post to the list.