Re: [pc110] T-Zone internal modem upgrade ....

josh (jg nospam at
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 11:57:35 +0100

Hello, I take it you live here in the Bay Area (South bay?), I'm curioius as to
where you bought your PC110 from...
I am just about ready to buy one but am unsure of who I should buy from & where I
can get teh best setup and possibly extra's, support etc... for a non-Japanese
understanding person.


Vaughan R. Pratt wrote:

> Also, does anyone know of an external (battery-powered) HD that'll work
> with the PC110 (maybe with a SlimSCSI Card?)?
> I've run the Avatar Shark (PCMCIA version) off the PC110, which has
> 250MB removable cartridges (at $33 ea. from Fry's) that are 7/12 the
> area of a floppy disk, i.e. considerably smaller than Zip cartridges.
> No batteries of its own, all power to it comes from the PC110 (or you
> can power it with an AC adaptor).
> When you're running the root filesystem on a compactflash, it is great
> to be able to plug in one (or even two if you're that extravagant!)
> Type II disk drive with 250 MB plus gigabytes extra in the form of
> additional cartridges,
> With the Shark and the Sony PRW-650WN (highly) portable CDROM, it
> becomes quite a machine! Pity the former is IDE and the latter SCSI,
> otherwise you could run both off the latter's SCSI card simultaneously
> leaving one PCMCIA slot still free.
> Vaughan