Re: [pc110] T-Zone internal modem upgrade ....

Vaughan R. Pratt (pratt nospam at
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 11:12:28 -0700

Also, does anyone know of an external (battery-powered) HD that'll work
with the PC110 (maybe with a SlimSCSI Card?)?

I've run the Avatar Shark (PCMCIA version) off the PC110, which has
250MB removable cartridges (at $33 ea. from Fry's) that are 7/12 the
area of a floppy disk, i.e. considerably smaller than Zip cartridges.
No batteries of its own, all power to it comes from the PC110 (or you
can power it with an AC adaptor).

When you're running the root filesystem on a compactflash, it is great
to be able to plug in one (or even two if you're that extravagant!)
Type II disk drive with 250 MB plus gigabytes extra in the form of
additional cartridges,

With the Shark and the Sony PRW-650WN (highly) portable CDROM, it
becomes quite a machine! Pity the former is IDE and the latter SCSI,
otherwise you could run both off the latter's SCSI card simultaneously
leaving one PCMCIA slot still free.