Re: [pc110] SanDisk

Jerod E. Tufte (jet nospam at
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 13:06:49 -0500

too bad my 'toy budget' has been spent for the time being. I'd like to
get one of those serial cards so I can use my GPS w/o the replicator.
One of these days I'll sit down and practice with the twiddler. What's
a Seijin keyboard? did you have to buy the little adaptor for the
keyboard/mouse port? I should probably get one of those before they're
all gone, huh?



I'm almost to the point where I want to put win95 on half the disk so I
can run street atlas on the sucker. man I hate to run windows almost
enough to go back to work on my own mapping software. . . :-)


Subject: Re: [pc110] SanDisk
Date: Mon, Jul 28, 1997 at 12:01:14PM -0700
Quoting Vaughan R. Pratt (pratt nospam at
> How proficient have you become with your twiddler? I bought one over a
> year ago, and haven't used it much. How long did it take you to get
> over the initial hurdle of learning the basics?
> I bought mine a couple of months ago but have not had time to learn
> even the basics, beyond convincing myself that typing all 26 letters of
> the alphabet was at least possible.
> I think it would take months of practice before I could type as fast on
> the twiddler as I can without any practice on the 110 keyboard. In any
> event what I do about serious typing is the same as Amanda Walker---I
> plug a small Seijin keyboard into the kbd port on the back. On the
> road I leave the keyboard in my room during the day and only use it at
> night when answering email etc. while dialled up.
> Incidentally the really nice thing about using compact flash is that it
> frees up both pcmcia slots, so that you can get a serial port (needed
> for the twiddler) using a pcmcia card (which adds nothing to the bulk)
> instead of the port expander (which doubles the bulk preventing you
> from carrying the 110 in your pocket). I use the Socket dual serial
> card but so far haven't had occasion to use the second port, I got it
> in case I ever used a modem or the Metricom Ricochet at the same time
> as the Twiddler.
> Vaughan

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