Re: [pc110] Free PC110 parts, FS docking station

robin nospam at
Tue, 20 May 1997 11:58:52 +0100

With a lot of help from Alan's raw touchpad reader, I got it working like
a PS/2 mouse. It works reasonably well---quite smooth but a little bit
restricted in range from edge to edge and some occasional jumpiness.
On the whole, no worse than my Glidepoint at home. It is possible to
recognize tap gestures like the Glidepoint does, but the driver doesn't
synthesize them yet. That's coming soon now though!

I'm using the command
gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/psaux -M -d 8 -t ps2 -m /dev/touchpad -R
to get gpm to read both the trackpoint (so I keep the buttons) and
to turn up the acceleration on the touchpad a bit.

Thed river can be pulled from
It includes source and a built loadable module for the 2.0.30 kernel.