Re: [pc110] Accessing Picoflash/CompactFlash slot freezes machine

Eugene Kang (s806803 nospam at
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 15:06:27 +1000

Oh yes.. I should also say that if I boot the machine up with the card
already plugged in, it all works fine. But if I unplug and replug the
card, explorer would cause an illegal operation and the system would


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> hi!
> I'm trying to use my PC110 to store images taken with my digicam. I'm
> running Windows 95 on it with 20MB of RAM and a 170MB hard disk. I've
> installed the IBM PCMCIA drivers off basterfield.
> The problem is, when I plug in my CF card (Kodak 8MB), the system will
> either give a bluescreen or just lock up. Explorer would crash and die,
> I would be stuck at a black screen.
> what's wrong?
> thanks!