[pc110] pc110 for sale

InfraRED/Veres Tibor (infrared nospam at a-b.hu)
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 21:34:47 +0100

20M ram, 33.6kbps modem, 260M HDD, good condition
shipped from Hungary ($30 shipping cost)

floppy and dock also available (but currently at my friend in Japan, who
originally bought the pc110 for me, if you need it, further actual shipping
cost also apply)

I currently have the original IBM battery. Sony NPF-550 battery available
for $80 (you can probably buy it for less)...

I will add a pcmcia ne200c bnc ethernet adapter for free (does not work
under win95, only under linux and dos (afaik))

debian 2.3 (woody) currently installed, IrDA and modem configured. I will
copy win95 and/or win31 install kit if requested (have to delete the linux
swap partition to do this :) is 46M enough for win95 install kit??? )

payment possible by wire transfer to my bank account or check.

all offers appreciated, I will sell it to the highest bidder if his offer
is good enough..

InfraRED of aurora-borealis/Veres Tibor <infrared nospam at a-b.hu>