RE: [pc110] PC 110, Win95, and Y2K

DelBusso Anthony J (delbusso.aj nospam at
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 10:59:11 -0500

I ran into the very same problem. I got around it though. Try this:

- Set the PC110's date in the BIOS to anything before Y2K
- Reboot into Win95
- Set the date within Win95 to the correct date

This will change the date within the BIOS as well. If you reboot after this
into the BIOS setup the date should be correct, and Win95 will see the
correct date from now on as well.


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> This is SO frustrating....
> I've performed the Win95 Y2K update and the Win95 Y2K Corporate
> Upgrade. The PC110 still locks up solidly in Windows when the date is set
> to this year. The PC110 knows the actual date though; if I boot to
> it has it correct.
> Anybody else run into this?