Re: [pc110] SanDisk Compact Flash: 128MB Type I and 160MB Type

Ryder (fryder nospam at
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:42:15 -0800

The 160MB Type II should work with an adapter in the PCMCIA slot.

Give me another week or two and I can answer the other question; I ordered
a 128MB CF from Buy.Com three weeks ago and they haven't delivered it
yet. (Sent me an email yesterday saying they're still looking for
it. Strange company.)

At 07:55 AM 11/20/99 +0900, Ken.Akiba nospam at wrote:
>I see these two products on
>I guess that
>128MB Type I will and
>160MB Type II will not work with PC110.
>Can anybody confirm?
>Ken.Akiba nospam at