[pc110] Re: BreezeNet card on PC110 (fwd)

Tomas Olaj (tomaso nospam at mimer.sleipner.hiof.no)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 14:02:24 +0200 (CEST)


(We=Oestfold College, School of Computer Sciences)

Thanks for answering. We have a BreezeNET Pro.11 Series SA-PCR Wireless
LAN Adapter (IEEE 802.11 compliant) PCMCIA card that we want to use on an
IBM PC110 Palm Top.

There is no support for this card in pcmcia 3.1.1 package (only the
BreezeNET SA-PX (which we have ordered from a retailer)). Thus the netwave
module is the most compliant driver for this card. I have asked some
developers about this driver, and I got one tip, but it doesn´t work:

[asplus_cs driver]
Netwave AirSurfer Plus wireless network adapter
(Jay Moorman <jrmoorma nospam at uiuc.edu>)

This driver supports the Netwave AirSurfer Plus PCMCIA wireless card. The
device is only supported when operating in Netwave mode. If the device
was bought as an 802.11 compliant device, or has been upgraded to be
802.11 compliant this driver will not work with the card.

-- Jay Moorman
jrmoorma nospam at uiuc.edu

If I try this driver or the netwave driver in the PCMCIA package, the
PC110 hangs completely.

Thanks for any help...

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