Re: [pc110] For Sale: PC110 8MB with docking station/floppy

Don Papp (donp nospam at
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 18:16:29 -0600 (MDT)

On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Jon McClintock wrote:

> For sale, PC11O 8MB version, including the following:
> - Docking station
> - Floppy drive (may or may not work)
> - 260 MB Type III hard drive with Slackware Linux (kernel 2.0.35) and
> Windows 3.1 Japanese installed
> - 40 MB compact flash card with Slackware Linux installed (includes
> type-II adapter)
> - Japanese manuals and media
> - IBM Home and Away 14.4/10BT modem/ethernet adapter (if I can find it)
> - Soft carrying case
> - Spare battery
> This is a complete, working system. The case is fine except for a hairline
> crack on the left bottom corner of the display housing. The display panel
> has not problems.
> The system is setup very nice... Leave the type-III drive in, and it boots
> to a full Linux kernel with X. Take it out and put in the NIC card, and it
> boots off the compactflash card to a pared down Linux install with
> networking.
> Make an offer... Reply by email to jammer nospam at

Hi Jon; don't know the skinny on this, but I'll make an offer of
200 USD. Good luck with your sale.

| Donald Papp
| don nospam at