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Hi Tomas,

Well it is *quite* common for PC110 users to see an abundance of 04 all over
the screen when they first attempt LILO installation. I think we all saw it
at least once! It is a documented code from the LILO loader, and is rather
clever - depending on where LILO runs into a problem it puts up a different
number. Think of it as a game - you try for higher numbers which are good,
when you get good enough at your config file you win!

After reading through the excellent LILO instructions, it did work just
fine. In particular, the cyl/hd/sec parameters need to be set in the LILO
and also the noprobe option. Also you need to match where you tell LILO you
wrote the boot loader and where you actually wrote the boot loader.
Remember, if you leave DOS on the internal disk, you can always recover from
a problem by simply placing DOS loadlin on your built-in 4MB internal flash
& using loadlin - so no worry about getting into major problems with LILO. I
wish all PCs had a nice built-in flash disk for keeping a 'backup' like the
PC110. I don't have the expansion box or a floppy :-( and so got pretty good
at recovering from the internal DOS disk.

The LILO really does work, and you will actually learn a whole bunch about
your PC110 & LILO and be an expert soon. In fact, after going through this
exercise on a PC110 I feel confident that I can get LILO working on pretty
much ANY pc... I'll try mail out my LILO file for you, [machine isn't
available right now...] tomorrow. Once it is configured right it works
absolutely great.


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Thanks Alan ... ref. to compact flash problems ...

I must be very stupid:

Ok. I´ve installed /boot on the internal 4 MB flash and the rest of the
filesystem is located on the PCMCIA 80 MB flash memory.

Until now I´ve been booting the PC110 from a floppy, since I cannot get
the lilo to work on the PC110. Everytime it yields a lot of "04" numbers
all over the screen. It cannot find the bootloader on /dev/hda.

Internal flash:
/dev/hda1 -> /boot (2MB)
/dev/hda2 -> wintmp (DOS 12 bit FAT) (2 MB)

PCMCIA (left slot) (80MB)
/dev/hdc1 -> /

My lilo.conf looks like this:


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