Re: [pc110] Loading Linux from PCMCIA CD-ROM

pat nospam at
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:17 +0000

You Don't Know wrote:
> Ok, here goes. I am trying to load RH 6.0 on a IBM PC110. I used the
> disk and booted from floppy. I loaded the PCMCIA support disk at the
> appropriate time. When I load PCMCIA support, my EXP CRWP-745 (PCMCIA
> appears to be accessed (lights flash etc). However, I can access the
>CD. I
> have tried all combinations that I could find, but no go. Any
> appreciated.

I guess you mean "can't access the CD". A useful trick is
to copy all the rpm files to your hard disk, and then do
a hard disk install. You need to partition your hard disk
first to do this.

Also, you could try the Zipslack distribution. It comes
as a zip file, and you only have to unzip it onto a
DOS or Windows partition and then you can boot into
Linux using loadlin. It comes with a FAQ that tells
you how to move your filesystem over to a new ext2
file system, because Zipslack installs as a UMSDOS
file system. Zipslack comes as a complete installation,
except for X. It is the easiest way to install Linux
that I have tried.