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Hi Orin,

Pretty much any good camera store will have lots of Compact Flash cards -
you want regular compact flash, *not* CF-2 or Smart... just regular. The
nice thing about camera shops is they will often let you try the CF card in
your PC110 (you do bring it with you everywhere of course!) and that way you
know for sure it works.

You probably also know that camera shops often carry a stand-alone lithium
battery charger that fits your PC110 battery - just show them the battery,
it is used in a bunch of cameras (like some Sonys).

Or any mail order computer or photo shop has them. I've used up to 48MB CF
in the PC110, I believe others have used 96MB or larger.

Also you probably should plan on CF and not PCMCIA flash, since CF can go
into a $8 adapter that fits the PCMCIA slots. This means you can use the CF
card in your PC110 CF slot, or in the PC110 PCMCIA slot (with adapter) or in
a regular laptop (with PCMCIA adapter) *or* in a digital camera (if you have
one with CF)... pretty neat.



p.s. Anyone know a PC110 bios expert that could make a patch so we can
easily have CF in both the CF slot and in the PCMCIA slot? That seems to be
'not supported' buy I suspect it is more a bios thing than a hardware thing,
since it is doable if the PCMCIA slot comes up under the Linux PCMCIA card

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Good to see this list coming to life. Where's a good source
for a flash card for the PC-110? Thanks, ...Orin

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