[pc110] Compact flash problems

Tomas Olaj (tomaso nospam at mimer.sleipner.hiof.no)
Sat, 9 Oct 1999 16:45:26 +0200 (CEST)


I´m trying to install Linux on two different flashcards on a PC110.

The first on is an ordinary PCMCIA flash card with 80 MB memory, and
the other one (located in the right slot) is also a 80 MB memory compact
flash card.

The kernel (in a RedHat install modus) detect the following cards:

hda as the internal 4 MB flash
hdb IS NOT DETECTED, WHY??????????????? It complains about a interrupt
request or something and hangs ...
hdc is detected nicely.

Is it possibly to intall Linux, networking support, emacs, X and a browser
on 160 MB with flash?

Since hdb is not detected, and I´m not sure how to install RH6.1 on this
box, because the minimal RH system is about 100 MB, I will first try to
copy over some basic files to the PCMCIA card from another LapTop with a
working Linux previously installed.

But it would be nice to use hdb too. Someone who has some experience with

In advance: Many thanks!

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