[pc110] FS: PC110 + dock/floppy + extras! $500 (take 2)

Isaac Salpeter (isaac nospam at d2.com)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:56:24 -0700

Oops! I hit send before I was finished with this message. Let's try that

> OK, the time has come to sell my PC110.
> What I've got:
> 8MB PC110
> Docking station
> Floppy drive
> 33.6k PCMCIA modem
> 10baseT PCMCIA card
> 2x IBM 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN Entry PCMCIA cards
> (Windows drivers are available and there's a project to
> provide linux support underway; not sure of the status.)
> 48 MB CF card, currently loaded with Linux

One caveat about this system: it needs a new battery. Because I've used
it so infrequently (and Lithium-ion batteries don't like sitting
discharged for long periods of time) the original IBM battery no longer
charges. Fortunately, this is a standard camcorder item (Sony NP-5x0
series, IIRC) available in various capacities for around $50.
(Supposedly the NP550 is a much higher capacity in the same form
factor.) System is otherwise in good condition (no broken doors or
latches, microphone switch intact, etc). I'm selling because I don't use
it often enough and I just bought a Palm V. I'll have to check, but I
believe I have the original boxes, disks, and documentation.

Final note: I'd prefer not to ship this system, so prospective buyers in
the LA/SoCal area get first crack at this.


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