RE: [pc110] Has anybody tried the IBM Microdrive on the PC110

Linux New Bee (linux nospam at
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 13:02:36 +0900

> The IBM Micro Dirve should work in your regular PCMCIA slots.

Right. But that half negates its usefulness.

> It will not function in the CF slot, nor will any of those newer CF
> Ethernet/modem cards.

I found that one of the 86 MB CF flash cards - about 33.000 yen when I
bought it, less now that the 9?? MB are out - is good enough for most
purposes. (I now have win95 on one, and in spite of the delay introduced by
the compression it is as fast, if not faster, than the PCMCIA HD.)

> Japanese sub-notebook (Thinkpad 535).

A bit bigger than _I_ want, but a great machine. I went for a Z/560, as it
can use the 110 floppy and it's one of the lightest full size laptops - too
bad about the 800X600 screen.