[pc110] installing linux from laptop to pcmcia for pc110

Russell Bridges (golem nospam at best.com)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:44:42 -0700 (PDT)

I'm interested in doing an installation onto a pcmcia hd using a laptop,
since I have no docking station. Could I just boot from the CD & install
to the pcmcia hd, then move it over to the pc110, or would there be naming
problems (hda vs. hdc etc?)

My machine is a 20 meg model with my current 340 meg disk, but ultimately,
I'd like to create a small enough installation to fit onto 40 Meg of
compact flash, which is currently the largest I can justify to myself.

In that space I'd like to fit X with a graphical web browser, gcc, JDK,
and perhaps perl & g++ if there's room. I intend to use the machine with a
56K modem and or ethernet adapter as my web terminal, as well as doing
some local compiling & development for my own edification. This is a
reasonable idea, isn't it?

I'm disappointed to be unable to find Alan Cox's linux/pc110 web pages
anywhere, since they were instrumental in my decision to buy the machine.
I've read that he has moved on to a more powerful machine, for obvious

Lastly, I've seen the modem voice command set, but does anyone have a
description of the rest of the nonstandard AT set? I'm having difficulty
connecting to my server, and believe it's due to the default error
correction/compression setup.