[pc110] pc110 ps/2-connectors

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at nwlink.com)
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 19:39:15 -0800

Damn, if only I had more money in hand!

Found a source for $30ish for these connectors. Patricia came

So, I should have at least 3 in a week or two (Patricia says, "PS2
Connectors at T-Zone in Akihabara. They are 3200Yen a
piece.. about $29USD") so at least 2 will be available for other folks.
I'll see if I can afford more (Rent's coming due before the 5th, & the
attendant care pay rate I get sucks, so I can only afford so much just
now. Miss contracting badly, days like today.)

If someone really wants one, I'll sure be willing to sell these 2
spare puppies (at cost's fine with me, I'm not rich enough to pay your
way, just mine & Robin's almost <G>) How I'm going to divide 2
connectors, 35 ways, I do not know. Names in a hat I guess?

I'd offer to move money through to her if someone wants to wire money
to me, but you folks don't know me all that well; I'm e-mailing
Patricia as I send this, to see what's available there, I know there are
more than the 3 I'll be getting there, I'd expect she'll check her
e-mail in the AM. T-Zone could have bought the stock from that other
company I was chasing earlier, for all I know, and just now be selling
it all?...

Worst case I could go do one of those payday loan things, but that's
sorta pricey. Might be worth it though! I imagine there's a market for
"many" of these.

Mark, mwillis nospam at nwlink.com, contact me SOONISH if you have good ideas on
how to proceed, I'll go to sleep at 10 PM PST and be awake early in the
AM, most likely.