Re: [pc110] deleting files and kernel

Oscar M. Siguenza (osiguenz nospam at
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 07:57:58 -0800

Hi Ricardo,

What is your pc110 setup? Do you have the floppy, expansion base,

Also do you have access to another notebook with PCMCIA ports?

I have set up my pc110 with a slackware based system. I used a 48M
CFLASH card from Sandisk. To do it I had to use a different computer
since I did not buy the floppy or CDROM or expansion base.

I can get you the kernel that I am using but without the root partition
on the CFLASH card you will not be able to boot. For the most part I
use loadlin to load the kernel instead of LILO since it saves a lot of
trouble with the partition table.

The way I got the CFLASH card loaded was to use a CFLASH to PCMCIA
extension card and mounted the card on a notebook. I then ran the
Slackware setup program and told it to install the base package on the
mounted PCMCIA drive.

Hope that helps.

Oscar S.

Ricardo Muggli wrote:
> I've had my PC110 for a while without using it because of my failed
> attempts at installing linux on it a while back.
> I have put a MSDOS format on my CF card and put loadlin and zimage on it.
> When I run loadlin from the e: drive "LOADING" and a line of dots show up
> on the screen and then the screen blanks(besides the little japanese
> characters in the lower left corner). This exact thing happens when I
> put loadlin and zimage on the c: drive.
> I'm sort of thinking now that it may be my kernel that I compiled. Maybe
> it is too big or something else. Does anyone have a kernel that they can
> either give me a link to download or e-mail as an attachment to me?
> Also how do I delete files on the c: drive? I can delete files I put on
> there but anything that was on there before I can't delete.
> after typeing: del
> I get a bunch of japanese characters. After commenting out the country
> line in the config.sys file I get an english error message. The message
> says: Access denied
> Thanks,
> - ricardo