[pc110] Re: PC110 (still) FOR SALE.

jg (jgom nospam at bigfoot.com)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 15:24:27 -0800

Going Once, Going Twice...

Somebody has to want a total PC110 system.

Thats less than 1/2 original price...

>260MB Type III HDD.
>15MB CF Card w/ CF Adapter.
>Dock Port
>2 IBM Batteries.
>AC Power Supply.
>Xircom PE3 Parallel Port compact Ethernet NIC (works under WIN95 giving you
>10MB network access!)
>3COM (3C562D) 33.6/10MB Modem & Ethernet COMBO PC Card (yes, works great
>under DOS).
>2 Carry Cases
>Plastic Stylus for Touchpad
>Matching (external) IBM TRACKPOINT II (black) Compact Keyboard w/ track mouse.
>2 Leatherish Carry cases.
>Hands Free Ear/Mic set for use with audio or phone.
>WIN95 <osr2> CDROM.
>Original Box, manuals & disks Intact.
>Unit is 1 year old & %100 fully functional.
>Condition is a 9 on scale of 10.
>Hate to get rid of it but must sell:
>It's a steal at $650 shipped.
>Located in Northern California (near San Francisco), cash & carry welcomed..