[pc110] QNX/PC110

Isaac (isaac nospam at pobox.com)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:33:18 -0500 (EST)

OK, currently I'm running Linux on my PC110 (40 meg root, 6 meg swap on
46meg CF card). I've yet to get this thing working right (in part because
building a linux system in this small space, while still using ext2fs
basically requires a "roll-your-own" approach) but it works well enough to
let me ssh to my email. great.

Now, though, I've discovered an unused copy of QNX (4.23, i think) sitting
around here at work and this got me thinking. Having a few prior run-ins
with QNX, it seems about perfect for the PC110 (low memory footprint, low
CPU demands, small disk requirements, high functionality, *NIX style CLI
along with a low-memory GUI (Photon)). It even comes w/ some basic PIM

I remember hearing of someone successfully using QNX on their PC110,
though that was some time ago. The install disks, etc. boot fine, but it
doesn't seem to want to install on any device but the first in the IDE
chain. This is causing me much grief as changing the boot order in the
BIOS doesn't seem to affect the actual IDE Master/Slave settings.

Anyone out there used QNX on the PC110? How did you get around this
install issue? Barring that, does anyone have a working, reasonably
complete Linux setup in under 48 megs that they might be able to tar up
for me? :) I need to get something working soon (I'm moving cross-country
and won't have the luxury of high-speed net access or being surrounded by
linux boxen at work anymore).