Re: [pc110] 45MB Viking CF and lilo

felix nospam at
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 00:17:51 +0100

> The problem is very possibly in the fact that when you put the CF in your
> PC110, it is not /dev/hdc, but rather /dev/hdb. The bios=0x80 is the right
> direction, if I remember correctly, but it probably needs to be bios=0x81, to
> signify that /dev/hdc will be the second drive... Try that.
> And to possibly ward off the next problem you will have, linux-2.0.x and
> most of linux-2.1.x don't support two flash drives... Once you get the kernel
> loaded and uncompressed, you will find that hda (the internal 4Mb flash) is
> detected, but the 45Mb CF is not. To fix, you need to look for 'SunDisk' in
> the ide-disk driver (drivers/block/ide-disk.c) and comment out the
> if ( ...='S' ...='u'...) ... continue
> lines. Then you will probably also have to supply the geometry to lilo with
> append="hdb=<cylinders>,<heads>,<sectors>". I have a 48Mb CF, and the C/H/S
> that I use is 734/4/32. Good luck.
In my humble opinion (which might be wrong, too), is the upper not correct.
What i have heard, is that the CF slot of the pc110 is crippled,
therefore it is necessary th add a line like

append="hdb=noprobe, hdb=123,2,16"

to lilo. the CF slot is always /dev/hdb under the control of linux.
one tricky thing is, when booting from the CF. the bios (or pc110 hardware?)
remaps the booting drive to C:. therefore the line bios=0x80 to lilo.
But why not install the kernel on the internal flash ram and avoid these

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