Re: [pc110] Windows CE on PC110 ?

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>> > Yes, I agree WIN-CE is inferior to 95/LINUX, etc....
>> > But I too have pondered the possibility of installing WIN-CE on my
>> > Particularly beacuse it's simply a basic/lightweight OS which should
>> > on a 20MB 486... sorta like a WIN95 "Lite" maybe??
>> > It would do the basics and prolly leave a lot of room for other
>> Funny, I asked the same thing of a friend. He is of the opinion that
>> is not a "D"OS- but rather ROM-based, and not siutable for x86
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>There currently is no x86 version of Windows CE available, and Microsoft
>isn't really rushing to do one, so at the moment none of this is possible

Actually this isnt the case. M$ has an x86 WinCe in the works, and is
running in house. M$ really wanted to avoid it, but they also really want
to get
into the embedded system market and alot of the embedded system folks wanted
an x86 version. Now will we see an x86 based consumer product? probably

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>However, there are rom based x86 OS's.... I'm using one at my 'day job'. :)