RE: [pc110] Windows CE on PC110 ?

jg (jgom nospam at
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 09:56:12 -0800

Yes, I agree WIN-CE is inferior to 95/LINUX, etc....
But I too have pondered the possibility of installing WIN-CE on my PC110.
Particularly beacuse it's simply a basic/lightweight OS which should zoom
on a 20MB 486... sorta like a WIN95 "Lite" maybe??
It would do the basics and prolly leave a lot of room for other stuff...

Of course wether or not it would "work" on a x86 platform or with the
PC110's Soundcard, video, Modem, etc... is another story... I don't know
jack about CE so can't really comment too much on it's compatabilities.

After toying with Palm Pc's like the Everex Freestyle & Palm Pilot, I have
just found them to be so much more useable, zippy & durable as "PIM's on
the go", The PC110 is far superior in power & ability - but so fragile -
and, keep in mind it's a WIN95 PC which makes boot up, running apps and
stuff much more sluggish.

Plus maybe the ability to run WIN CE or a similair OS on a smaller CF card
will make the PC110 even more powrful as it will have the 2 PC card slots open.

If there was a way I could free up those 2 slots & have a large enough cad
for storage & OS - I would not be selling my 110.... Thats my main beef
with the PC110, that & the fragility of it ( I "sweat" each time I open it up).

We're not looking to have "just" WIN-CE boxes cuz we think CE is superior,
but we are looking for "alternatives", I mean thats what LINUX boasts vs.
Microsoft, it's an alternative to MS, and it works.
If there is a LINUX-CE Let me know (MINIX?).
I have no clue as to how I would get LINUX installed on a 15MB CF card.
I know that Yongguang Zhang apparently has from his web page. I am not a
LINUX guru yet so that recompiling kernel stuff is beyond me right now.

I have no plans of reverting to dos/Win3.1 on a flash card either.

I know the LINUX'ers will tout LINUX & the 95'ers will tout 95.
How about just a plain solution, no OS bias.

Right now, I have been using 95 as it has all the bases covered for what
"I" need, except that it hogs up my 2 PCMCIA slots cuz of the typeIII 260MB
(when I say all the bases, I mean: PIM, browser, Email, drivers,
networking, network/router monitoring software, software to program and
control my radios, ability to use a network adapter, etc....)

comments... ?

At 02:54 PM 12/11/98 +0900, you wrote:
>>>I think it is possible to make a version for PC110.
>>Why would you WANT to? I can't think of anything wince does that Win95
>>doesn't do better. (And this from a guy who has both Geos/New Deal Office
>>98 and Linux on his PC110 in addition to Win95.)
>I am just wondering CE maybe better then 95 on PC110,
>at least it is said CE use lesses memory or so.
>In my PC110, I also installed Linux and DOS, but I think 95 is too heavy.