RE: [pc110] I know most of you have seen this...

jg (jgom nospam at
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:04:58 -0800

The other list is the Gadgeteer List...

Hmmm, dunno anything about CF2 compatability...

Had no idea the list is shutting down...Hmmm, not enough
PC110/LINUX users?
Personally I don't see the benefit of running LINX on a PC110, it doesn't
seem to benefit any more than 95.
I'm a LINUX user myself at work, home & play... Love it & live it.
But lets get real, to get the full benefits of the PC110 your best off
using 95, sorry.
I not a big 95/MS advocate but nor am I a UNIX bigot. I just use whats best
for the job.
At work we're split NT/AIX/LINUX.
On my PC110 (which I still own for the time being) I have 95.

Anyhow, sorry to start rambling on about OS patriotism...

>does pc110 support CF type 2??
>ps: are there FAQs for the lists??
>ps2: i'm member only on the list at how could I join the
>other list..
>ps3: is shutting down.. what will happen to the list??
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