Re: [pc110] PC110 audio input jacks

josh (jgom nospam at
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 22:29:01 -0800

Thank you ten times over... Same goes to Rod Salazar, I'll be ordering a
Digi-Key one...

One palmtop dealer offered me a replacement speaker for $50, yikes!

Do you have the exact Digi-key part #?

I'll order a couple extra...It's bound to happen again.

At 09:59 PM 12/2/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>What would cause the PC110 speaker to blow simply by plugging/unplugging
>>into the audio jacks?
>Speaker voice coils are usually wrapped around something substantial such
>as a cylinder of cardboard. The windings comprising the voice coil in
>the PC110 speaker consist of nothing but the wire itself held together
>by glue. At high volumes the glue comes apart and the wire tears loose
>from the cone. I tried a repair job but aligning the coil with the
>circular slot is too tricky to be practical.
>>Any ever replaced their PC110 speaker?
>Yes, twice. Small speakers are hard to find, but I found a sufficiently
>small on in the Digikey catalog.