PC110 dual power lumps? Was:Re: [pc110] Can't get PC110 to boot from floppy to begin

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at nwlink.com)
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 17:22:14 -0800

Vaughan Pratt wrote:
> >Next question, then... is the power connector going into the docking
> >station or into the PC110? It should go into the docking station, to boot
> >off floppy.
> It should? I've never noticed any difference, whether booting, using
> external VGA, or anything else, whether I plug the power into the pc110
> or the port expander.
> Vaughan

I'll echo here a question I've asked on the regular PC110 list: Any
problems with powering BOTH the PC110 & the port replicator? I'd sure
like to know!

Mark, mwillis nospam at nwlink.com