[pc110] FS PC110

Marc Maxwell (mmaxwell nospam at mail.tds.net)
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 12:04:26 -0500

Hi all,

I have the following for sale:

PC110 (YDW) 8mb (bios upgraded)
IBM battery
Ac adapter
Port Replicator
Floppy drive
260mb Viper pcmcia drive
40mb IBM pcmcia drive
Xircom PE3-10BT portable ethernet adapter
Canon CE300 digital pcmcia camera for the PC110
Thumbellina micro-trackball
Black, padded, leather zippered case

All of the above comes with the original packaging, manuals, drivers, etc.
The 260mb Viper drive has Win95 OSR2 installed. The 40mb IBM drive has
PCDOS 7.0, WFW 3.11 and the Calmira shell installed. A full copy of English
PC-Dos 7.0 is included (it contains stacker). The internal compact flash has
the original files installed with the exception of Personaware. It has Seamus
Waldron's english version installed. If there is a problem I can reinstall
the Japanese version. I have an assortment of video drivers, bios updates, etc
on diskettes to include. It has been a great machine but I find myself
using my
Thinkpad more and my PC110 less. Its time to part company.

$650 for everything.......$750 and I will include a 30mb Microtech compact
card with a Type II adapter.

Marc Maxwell
TSS Network Services